Moving From Los Angeles

Moving From Los Angeles? Let Holly Danna Help

Whether you’re moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, New York, Texas, or halfway around the world, South Bay Real Estate Agent Holly Danna has experience, contacts and a process that will make a difficult transition smoother.

How to Find a Realtor in Another State?

Holly Danna has an excellent real estate agent referral network all over the country and even in other countries. These are all top real estate agents who are well-networked and can locate properties in far flung places or in top markets with little inventory.
Some of the top destinations Holly has excellent referral networks include: San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Miami, Dallas, Austin, San Diego, Atlanta, Nashville … and more.
Years of experience working with clients coming from other states or moving from Los Angeles to other cities and states has led Holly to develop a reliable process for helping clients buy a house in another city, another state, or another country. 

How to Buy a House Out of State

Whether you’re moving for work, lifestyle, retirement, or even if you are looking for a second home, Holly has a proven process to work with you on.
Holly’s process for buying a house out of state starts with an initial consultation during which she drills down on key questions, including: Budget?  Areas of Interest? Limiting Factors? What’s Important About Location and Lifestyle? What’s Your Home Personality? And More.
After the consultation, Holly will interview prospective referral agents and present you with three choices along with notes about each of them.
You’ll make the final decision on which out-of-state real estate agent you want to work with, but you’ll do so knowing you’re choosing among well-matched, well-vetted options. 

Cost of Living VS. Los Angeles

One of the important factors in moving out of state, especially if you’re buying a home, is understanding the difference in the cost of living compared with Los Angeles.

The high-cost of housing in Los Angeles compared with many other areas often leaves movers with the mistaken impression that everything in your new location will be equally inexpensive. This is not always the case. And depending on what part of Los Angeles you’re moving from, it might not be the case for housing costs either.
Here are a few helpful Cost of Living Calculators:

However, while online calculators are helpful, don’t be afraid to have a conversation with Holly and your chosen referral agent about other significant parts of your budget beyond housing. You don’t want to move to a new location, find a great home and face other unpleasant financial surprises. 


Start Planning Your Move from Los Angeles Early

Regardless of whether or not you’re completely ready to pull the trigger on your move from Los Angeles, it makes sense to get started early. Moving out of state almost always takes longer than you think. And surprises do pop up. And the ability of Holly and your referral agent to make the process smoother is only enhanced with more time.
You can start by finding out the value of your own home: Holly Danna’s Home Valuation Service.
Or, of course, you can simply contact Holly Danna today!

Primarily serving the South Bay and Palos Verdes areas, Holly is committed to providing her clients with exceptional, five-star service and works very hard to exceed their expectations. For the last four years, she has been recognized as being in the top 1.5% of realtors nationwide according to REALtrends survey and also has been named in L.A, Magazine’s Top Realtors.

Work With Holly

Holly offers her clients a strong commitment, expert local knowledge, and will skillfully navigate real estate matters to bring results.