The Best Day to List a Home

The Best Day to List a Home

  • Holly Danna
  • 12/22/22

The moment you have finally been waiting for, you are ready to list your home. From renovations to staging, it feels like you have been working towards perfecting your house all year! Although the selling process can take some time, it is so exciting moving on to a new phase in your life. Regardless of how much excitement you have for selling your home, there is still some emotional connection you have to it. You would like to sell your home to a buyer who will appreciate it and for the best price of course! Upon running through the minor details, you are still unsure about what day of the week to list it! Getting enough engagement on your initial online listing can be a game-changer. A lot of the traction can change based on what day of the week you sell. Keep reading here to learn more about when to list your home.

Figuring out the best day to list your house

Whenever you list your property, the hope is to get as many offers as possible. You want people to look at the listing and request a showing. Figuring out which day of the week is best can be tricky. On one hand, you want to start off the week right by listing your house on a Monday. However, another part of you thinks a Friday might be better. The idea behind what day of the week you choose is to get the largest amount of people possible to view your listing.
Well, here’s your answer! Thursday is typically the best day of the week to list your home. The logic here is that you will give the buyers who only have a chance to look at houses on the weekends to explore the possibility of buying your home. Listing your property on a Thursday still gives the weeknight shoppers a chance to browse your listing but opens things up for another group of buyers. The listing will get more exposure before it's actually seen by any buyers in person. Your real estate agent can help you run campaigns and advertise before anyone has visited your house.
Just like in college, many people have the mindset that Thursdays are basically the start of the weekend. Fridays are generally lighter work or school days, so people begin planning their weekends and browsing social media. With the listing up before the weekend starts, you can set up an open house on Saturday and attract a lot of eager buyers to your home. The entire process works out conveniently so you can reel the buyer into your own little marketing funnel.

Other days

While Thursdays offer many advantages for when to list homes, it is certainly still possible to list a home on another day of the week and achieve a great sale. Arguably, Wednesday is also an excellent day to list your home because you get a little more exposure time before the weekend. Other agents argue that Monday is the best day to list a home because they will have brokers tour the property on Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure it is the right fit for their client. Then, they can call up their client and say, “Hey, I think this is a perfect fit for you,” and send them to an open house over the weekend. Many people will agree that posting a listing earlier in the week gives the consumer enough time to prepare for an open house or showings over the weekend. Regardless, it is completely up to the seller, and coming up with a solid strategy behind your listing is the most important part!

Posting on MLS

Okay, you are ready to list your home, and you are excited about the new change that is ahead! It is time to make sure your property is marketed correctly and reaches your target audience. As a seller, you will benefit from gaining access to the MLS ( multiple listing services) from your real estate agent. It will increase your listing’s visibility and will help you find more serious buyers. The MLS is run by brokers and agents in a specific area. Each region, whether it is Redondo Beach or Palos Verdes, will have its own MLS. Agents can browse and decide if it fits their client’s criteria for a house.

Listing photos

Another key marketing point is to obtain the highest quality photos for your home. Let’s say you have one week to sell your house, you want the photos to reflect the very best features of the property. We can compare this to online dating. When looking at others’ profiles, you might cringe at the photo of someone with their hair in disarray and a pet snake in the background. On the other hand, if someone’s picture is taken in their best outfit, you may be a little more inclined to connect with them. Although completely different, real estate can be the same. You want to advertise the very best things about your home. What drew you into buying in the very beginning? Did you recently remodel the kitchen? Do you have an open floor plan? All of these can be impactful to a potential buyer. Photograph your home well and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Do real estate agents work on weekends?

If you are ready to sell and want to get in touch with an agent, we recommend you do as soon as you can! A frequently asked question is whether real estate agents work on weekends. Yes, most agents do work on weekends in order to best serve their clients and help with home viewings. Since Thursday is the best day to list, they should be prepared to do some showings Friday through the weekend. Working with Holly Danna, you will find she integrates creativity with business in the best way possible. She will be there for you on weekends and beyond to help you sell your home. Contact Holly and her team to begin the sale process!

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